85 Chevy P/U – engine rebuild

This post highlights the rebuild process of the old 305 in my 1985 Chevy Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

Well, I got the block and heads back, and picked up all the parts needed to rebuild my 305. Here are a couple of pics;

The block after machining.

The crank has been machined and installed, along with the main bearings — this was done for me by the machine shop as I feel this is the most important part of the rebuild process.

The heads, rebuilt and the various parts for rebuilding.

I left the heads wrapped for now as they have been rebuilt and are ready for installation (more on this later!). On the table, you can see (from top left to right) the push rods, piston rod bearings, the rocker nuts are directly under the rod bearings, the lifters, oil pump, piston rings, (working back to the left) timing gears and chain, and finally the rockers and pivots. The three little things you see next to the rocker nuts are actually block plugs… but they are being replaced in the frost plug kit not shown in this pic.

The pistons were cleaned up and the rods resized — ready for installation!


The first thing that I did was cleaned up all the threads within the block with a tap set to make it a) easier to install the bolts, and b) to make sure all bolts are allowed to travel far enough — you don’t want a bolt to stop, due to a rust ring, with the head, for example, not being tightened down. Even though your torque wrench says it’s good, it’s gonna leak.



Next to go in was the camshaft. Simply because there is room to work when the pistons have not yet been installed. Some don’t care, but I like the room to be able to guide the cam in place a little better — you DON’T want to be scrapping up the bearings when you’re putting the cam in! A little assembly lube and in it goes (make sure to lube ALL lobes and bearing points well!).

I’ve got to get the rest of the pics done, so I’ll update this when I can!

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