85 Chevy P/U – the initial strip down

This post highlights the initial strip down of my 85 Chevy P/U Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

Strip down – The front end…

Today I started ripping off the body panels and box — leaving just the cab, motor/tranny and frame.

I started with the hood…

85 Chevy Shortbox - hood 85 Chevy Shortbox - hood 2

Next to come off was the front fenders…

85 Chevy Shortbox - fenders 85 Chevy Shortbox - fenders 2

The headlights and grill were removed, along with the passenger side outer-fender… and then the front clip…

 85 Chevy Shortbox - front clip85 Chevy Shortbox - grill

Strip down – The rear end…

Next, I started stripping stuff from the rear end. The first thing to go was the box, which was easy enough — cut off the eight bolts that hold the box to the frame and lift it off! (I like to simply cut the old bolts off… I’ve done it a couple of times before and wasted alot of time trying to remove the bolts with heat/penetrating fluid/etc. Besides, I also like to put new stainless bolts back in.)

85 Chevy Shortbox - box removal 85 Chevy Shortbox - spare tire

The shocks were removed, the u-joint for the driveshaft was unbolted and the driveshaft removed…

85 Chevy Shortbox - driveshaft 85 Chevy Shortbox - rear shocks 85 Chevy Shortbox - driveshaft 2

Links to other parts in the series;

9 comments on “85 Chevy P/U – the initial strip down

  1. Excellent photos of the restoration process. They give me an idea on how I should go about with my own restoration project.

    Kyle’s reply;

    Hey Jeremy!

    I’m glad that I’ve helped inspire you to get on your own project! Now… if I could only get back at mine! LOL!

    I have taken a break from it for a while… I’ve just been so busy doing other things… but my brother just moved back from out west and wants to get back at her… we’ll see!

    Thanks for your comments.


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