85 Chevy P/U - engine removal

This post highlights the removal of the old 305 in my 1985 Chevy Short-Box, Step-Side Restoration Project.

Removing the old 305


The process was easy enough with the front-end and fenders removed. First, I decided to test the engine to see if it was seized or not as it had been sitting since 1998. I put a socket on the vibration damper bolt and tried to turn it over -- to my surprise, it moved with very little effort... that's good news! Then I removed as many of the accessories as I could so they weren't in the way while removing the engine.

Testing to see if the engine would turn over  All accessories stripped for removal

Next, the wiring harness was disconnected at the firewall, the speedometer and shift linkage disconnected as I'm removing the transmission with the engine. (Sorry about the quality of some of the pics... they were hard places to get at!)

Disconnecting the wiring harness from the firewall

Disconnecting the speedometer  Disconnecting the shift linkage

The exhaust pipes were disconnected from the manifolds (which were actually not too bad at all to loosen up)...

Disconnecting the exhaust  Disconnecting the exhaust

Next to come out was the distributor... then any sensors/wires were disconnected that were not coming out with the engine. A chain was attached to the lift brackets of the engine and the hoist was brought in...

Removing the distributor  Hooking up the hoist

... and the trophy shot...

The fruits of my labour!

Well, it was getting late, so the only thing left to do before I call it a night was to separate the transmission from the engine and mount the engine to a stand. The transmission was wrapped up and sent off the next morning to Pro Transmission for rebuilding.

Separating the transmission  Ending the night by mounting the engine to a stand