1985 Chevy Shortbox Step-Side Pickup Restoration

Finally, I get to start this page! :)

I picked up a 1985 Chevy Shortbox, Side-Step Pickup truck on November 29th, 2006, that I bought at an auction house 2 and a half hours from my house. Actually, the purchase was not planned at all. My dad drove up North to look at a piece of property for sale and just happened to pass by this auction house and saw the pickup sitting on the lot. To make a long story short, the previous owner had not driven the pickup since 1998 and had tried to sell it at the auction numerous times. It had been up for auction, the weekend before my dad ran across it, and did not sell. He was asking $3,500 (CDN) and that auction was the last of the season for vehicles... he'd have to take it back to storage. Skip to the purchase... my dad is incredible when it comes to bargening... we ended up taking it away for $1,750 (CDN) taxes, licensing and everything else included. Not too bad at all! ;)

So, the weekend I went out for "Saturday Morning Breakfast with the Gang", my dad and I drove up on Sunday with his 1986 Chevy Shortbox, Step-Side pickup and trailer and picked it up. Let the fun begin!

Picking up my new winter project


OK, so I've started breaking up this post into smaller, easier to read posts. :) I'll update the main menu and this post as new entries are made.


Update (01/17/07) - the initial strip down

Update (01/17/07) - engine removal

Update (01/26/07) - engine tear down