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    I have a 2002 Blazer 4×4 with Auto 4X4. I had last used the Auto 4×4  successfully was on December 26 when we experienced icy conditions returning from visiting relatives in Northern California. I tried the 4×4 a few weeks ago and found that it didn’t work, just flashing lights in all but 2×4, but the transfer case motor operated and seemed to change the gearing. I searched and found this forum and immediately started educating myself, as the Chilton’s Manual I have is only good for a paperweight. Today I have been looking over the 4×4 system on the truck, locating components and etc. as pointed out by Kyle’s responses to other member’s problems. I finally found the vacuum control valve which is neatly hidden behind the wiring harness and some other connectors. Lo and behold – a vacuum hose right at the valve! I cut the hose, reattached it and now I have a functioning 4×4 system So, this is a huge thank you to Kyle and this forum for telling me what to look for and where to look for it! – Ted

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    Hello Ted;

    That is great news! I’m glad that my blog was able to help you locate your problem… that’s the whole purpose I put the information here. I’m happy to see it works! :)

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    I just bought a 99 chevy blazer with 4×4 and auto 4×4 push buttons when i try to engage the 4×4 nothing happens no lights or noises. checked the fuses everything seems fine going to check the module in the kick panel as per your other blogs but if there is anything else that would kinda give me a head start it would be appriciated. by the way this blog is awesome reading some of the other posts has given some insight to different solutions.


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    I also have no 4×4 and this is the situation. it is a push button system, i click 4high, the module in the kick panel clicks like it should, the light goes into 4high like it should. I checked all fuses on the truck, they are all good. I then checked the next obvious thing…vaccuum actuator, it has vaccuum going to it and operates fine by pulling on the cable that goes to the front end. i then put the truck on the lift and noticed that my front driveshaft is spinning, but still no front wheel drive. now the same goes for 4low. the module clicks and the light goes on like it should. the truck drives in the lower gear like it should, the cable is pulled by the actuator like it should, the drive shaft spins, but no 4 wheel drive. what do i look for next?

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    Justin H

    This was my situation. I had no 4wd after going into a ditch back in late 2007 or early 2008. That summer I took it to the dealer and they supposedly fixed the seal from the transmission to the transfer case because transmission fluid had been leaking into it. That cost me $1600, about $600 more than what I had actually been quoted (including the transmission flush). I had told them to just seal it up because they had quoted me almost $3000 to fix the 4wd (they wanted me to get a new encoder motor and module). After getting stuck a few times this winter, I felt that I would go back to the dealer and complain to them (because I realized that my 4 low wouldn’t work, whereas it was working before I had taken it in to get the 4 hi fixed. After looking at your blog, I felt inspired to at least see if I could manually switch my 98 Blazer into 4 hi until the end of winter, and avoid this visit. After exploring under the vehicle, I discovered that the spot on the transfer case where the vacuum hose attaches was attached incorrectly by the mechanics. After rotating it 120 degrees, and putting everything back together, my 4wd worked perfectly. Fixing this saved me over $1000. I would recommend that anyone who has had work on their transfer case which resulted in the 4wd not working at all to just check this vacuum plug to make sure that it is oriented correctly. The best thing is, if the mechanics had put in the encoder and the module, the problem still wouldn’t have been fixed.

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    Hi Justin;

    Wow! Some of the stories I hear just blow me away. I’m glad that some of the information here was able to save you some money, Justin — that’s the whole reason I put it here! ;)

    Thanks for sharing!


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    First i would like to thank all that had anything to do with this posting blog i followed the steps and found that my encoder motor was corroded and when the 4×4 was engaged before i got the truck they destroyed the motor and case getting a use one and will see if it fixes this problem.

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    Hi Luke;

    I’m glad my blog was able to point you in the right direction! Good luck, I hope the encoder motor solves your problem!


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    Thanks for pointing me the right direction. My on-dash switches weren’t releasing or engaging the 4WD on the vehicle, and through all the suggestions, I was able to learn that the module wasn’t clicking. A quick check of connections on the large connector appeared okay, so I went up to the switch on the dash. Removed and disassembled the switch and resoldered the circuit board connector terminals. Works like a champ now, every time! Thanks for not making me go to the GM garage to pay for hours of troubleshooting and a new switch.

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