Hamilton Cops — Suspended with pay! (UPDATED)

The Hamilton Spectator – By Susan Clairmont;

A pair of Hamilton cops — one a rookie, the other a veteran detective — are charged with framing a man for a crime he didn’t commit.


First, let’s meet the two cops.

Constable Jessica Prazeres has only been wearing a badge for 10 months. She donned a uniform in July and hit the streets with a training officer. She just got off her probation as a new recruit in November when she was allowed for the first time to work on her own.

Her name might not mean much to you. But try Googling Jessica Amaro.


Then there’s Detective Helena Russell. A 16-year veteran. Most recently working out of the Mountain criminal investigation division. Before that she had worked in the sexual assault unit. Russell has had a high community profile in the past few months as president of the Hamilton chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Jessica was the chapter’s vice-president.


They will continue to be paid while they are suspended.


Only in Canada, eh? 😉

UPDATE (02/03/07) – The Hamilton Spectator, letters to the editor — Hiring process should weed out bad cops

16 comments on “Hamilton Cops — Suspended with pay! (UPDATED)

  1. I wouldn’t put it as John did, but I do agree that she isn’t very good at singing and she does come across as a fake, I didn’t think she could be this bad but I guess none of us did.


  2. In a world of katy perry’s and gagas, she has no chance at a ‘real’ career. Digital music alterations and enhancements make it possible for anyone to sing and have a career. With this kind of competition, all that’s left is singing poorly to ethnic communities in their language of choice.

    Regarding the actual story of this page, I can say she deserves whatever she gets. Some people are born trouble makers, regardless of how their parents raised them. She hasn’t and won’t learn her lesson, lies will persist out of her mouth since that is the world she prefers to live in. I honestly do feel sorry for the family though. Euro families are usually very tight knit, so you can only imagine what stress this has put on them.

    Russell is equally bad news, how she is still involved with policing baffles my imagination.

  3. This girl Jessica Amaro is bad news, thats the word here in Hamilton, and from what goes around, her mom could be the cause of it all, this isn’t just a case of bad judgement, she is bad, and to think at some point she was protecting us, thats very scary.


  4. There is a facebook page saying we should fight to get the accusation dropped, claiming that the police framed Prazares.

    What does this mean exactly? Well, I guess they have made it 100% undeniable that the police frame people. If Prazares is guilty, then she framed someone. If not, the police force framed somebody. Not exactly a good way for the police to come clean from the whole “framing” thing.

    Still, it raises the old cliche, “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” I don’t think the police would be in any huge hurry to put down one of their own without serious cause, especially at the cost of losing face to the public.

    If Prazares was in fact herself framed, this doesn’t make things any better for the public, because it suggests a corporate culture in which framing people is considered appropriate given the right internal politics, which really would make any guilt on Prazares part a symptom of a greater illness.

  5. Dear john, You are a fake and a liar, Jessica was Set up big time, By Drew grennan who is a even bigger liar, He made all that shit up cause Jessica would not date him!

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