Hwy 407 ETR — Loyalty Program

With the ever-rising prices of the Express Toll Route (ETR) Hwy 407, I have found myself using it less and less (it cost me $16.63, with a transponder, from end to end (102.7KM) last month) — which I think is the motive behind the new 407 loyalty program.

680News – Debra Edwards, with reports from Canadian Press;

Toronto – It will soon cost regular users less to drive on Highway 407, as its operators plan to unveil a new loyalty program this week.

Canadian Press has learned the program is part of a deal with the Ontario government that was reached last March, settling a nasty legal dispute over rising toll levels.

A spokesman for 407 ETR confirmed final preparations are underway for a launch Thursday, but refused to discuss details.

A source close to the project says the most frequent customers could see immediate savings of between 10 and 15 per cent on their monthly bill.
In addition, drivers will receive special cards entitling them to a discount of up to nine cents a litre on gasoline.

It’s hard to lower your prices after continually blaming increases on maintenance costs, so I guess this is the alternative. The question is, will I use it more knowing this? I already save 10 cents per litre on all my fuel purchases — I don’t know. I’ll let you know…

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