Let’s talk minimum wage

I was reading through a pamphlet (“NDP Volume 2, Issue 1”) that I received in the mail yesterday, from Chris Charlton, of the NDP party, and would like to make a few comments regarding the subject.

“NDP Announces Federal Minimum Wage Bill”

Recently, Chris seconded a bill in the House of Commons that will re-establish a federal minimum wage and set it at $10 an hour.


Federal minimum wage was eliminated in 1996 under the Liberal government.

After thinking about it, I can’t say I agree (I seem to be saying that a lot tonight!) with a federal minimum wage. All I can think about is the “snowball effect” it will create. Setting, or raising, a minimum wage effectively raises everything else it comes in contact with. All food, clothing, entertainment, etc., etc., etc. will simply cost more to make up for employers having to pay out more money.

Besides the effect it will have on everything around us, I don’t believe that someone working in a minimum wage job necessarily “deserves” a set amount of money. A job that requires “technical” knowledge, regardless if it’s a minimum wage job or not, should be paid more than one that does not require “technical” knowledge. Need an example? Someone who drives a “B Class” truck may be in a minimum wage job, but should definitely be paid more than a “burger flipper”.

IMO, burger flipping is not worth $10 an hour. If you want $10 an hour job (or more), get yourself an education — and then you can get yourself a job that pays want you want.

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