Ontario liquor law changed to protect patrons

As of tomorrow, patrons will be allowed to carry their drinks to the restroom — if the establishment has applied for this “new” license, that is.

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Why does it not surprise me, even though it’s free, that this “new” license has to be “applied” for? Why can it not be simply amended to the Liquor License for current license holders?

I think it’s a great step towards protecting, particularly women, from crimes such as date rape. I’m just curious as to the potential legal situations that could arise from potentially drunk patrons (hey, that is the whole point, isn’t it?) walking around with glasses/bottles.

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  1. I know that some licenses and establishments can only have liquor in paticular areas such as the bar and no place else. But I’ve never heard of a law that didn’t allow people to take their drinks to the rest room. I don’t see a safety issue with taking it with you or a legal one. I’m with what you said that the rule should be amended to the current license and that its silly to have people come and apply for it when its free. This is something that shouldn’t even be considered a law in my opinion but rather the choice of the drinker to take it or leave it but why would anyone leave a drink on a bar? We need to leave them inside to go smoke but we put them on the window ledge behind the bouncer which is convenient and safe.


    Kyle’s reply;

    Hi Jason;

    Diggin’ up an old one, eh? :)

    My concern was letting people walk around with bottles and glasses. You know they’re going to walk into the bathroom with them — someones going to spill one and the next thing you know, some drunk guy/girl is sitting on the remains of one of them. (By your email address, you should know what I’m talking about — how’d you like to pull that out of someones rear?)

    It’s pretty much the same reason most establishments won’t let you on the dance floor with bottles/glasses.

    The solution is simple — plan your breaks BETWEEN drinks! 😉

    Thanks for your comments!


  2. hi i work at a bar now the new owner doesnt obay by the laws at all but what i want to now is as a door man when ur checking ids in ontario its supoes to be if they look under 25 years old or not now the owner at this bar tried to argue with me but i have friends that have been bouncers there hole lives and they say if u look under 25 u have to check there id now is this true and this new owner we have kicked out severl people out of our bar becaoues they have had to much to drink and the owner tells them to come back in half of the people in there cant even stand up and the owner lets it go on so my qustion is who would i contact about this is there a number from the lcbo bord that i could call to talk to them about this becaoues i mean we almost had a dunk girl leave the other night got in her car almost hit a cab and got arested and the owner hid in the bar so he wouldnt get in trouble but if he keeps this up somone will get hurt ether hit by a car or somthing so i need to now who i would contct about this to get somthing done about it

    Kyle’s reply;


    I am not sure what gives you the impression that I am able to answer your questions. I am a safecracker (and a non-drinker)…. you are a bouncer…. who do you think would know the laws regarding bars and alcohol… me or you?


  3. Hi,…I think the bouncer may hyave found his calling,…..but I also think the Bar Owner should do a mandatory Booze & Drug test on his staff,…Duh.

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